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IKEA breaks ground on green ‘destination’ store for sustainable living

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IKEA store in Greenwich will help Londoners live a more sustainable lifestyle thanks to in-store upcycling centre, roof terrace, and furniture take-back scheme

IKEA yesterday started construction of a new store in Greenwich it claims will pioneer a new vision of sustainable retailing, with features such as a rooftop garden, an upcycling hub, and an in-store recycling scheme that aim to help shoppers live healthier, more sustainable lives.

The 32,000 square metre store – the flatpack giant’s first full-sized site in London for 13 years – will be IKEA’s most sustainable store in the UK to date, replete with solar panels, rainwater harvesting, greywater treatment and EV charging facilities.

But alongside building a green store, IKEA wants to encourage its customers to live more sustainably as part of its ‘Live Lagom’ initiative, a programme inspired by the Swedish philosophy of living in moderation.

 IKEA breaks ground on green 'destination' store for sustainable living | B1withearth
An architect’s rendering of the IKEA Greenwich store’s public roof garden | Credit: IKEA

As IKEA UK’s sustainability director Hege Saebjornsen told delegates at BusinessGreen’s Leaders Summit last month, the Swedish retailer wants to forge a more circular business model by expanding the reuse and recycling of its furniture and encouraging customers to upcycle or customise their existing products.

To that end, when it opens in winter 2018, the Greenwich store will dedicate 80 square metres to helping customers revamp their old furniture and homeware.

“Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at IKEA,” Saebjornsen said in a statement. “Not only will IKEA Greenwich be our most sustainable store in the country, we are also very excited that the new store will demonstrate our commitment to circular economy.”

The store will also have a 1,200 square metre roof terrace open to the public and a “biodiversity garden”. And given its London location, it will also specialise in selling products specifically designed for those in rented properties and in small flats with little or no outdoor space.

Source: businessgreen.com