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Atlantic Recycling ‘serious pollution’ still not removed

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A recycling boss who dumped waste at a conservation site has failed to remove it four years after being ordered to do so.

In 2013, David Neal was given a suspended sentence and companies he ran from Wentloog, Cardiff, fined.

Since the conviction, Neal admitted not complying with the environmental permit ordering him to remove the waste.

At Cardiff Magistrates’ on Tuesday, he was given a suspended 18 week sentence, with fines and costs of £230,000.

He admitted charges of failing to comply with an environmental permit, as well as on behalf of Atlantic Recycling – his waste management company that takes household and general builders’ waste from customers.

During the May 2013 case, magistrates heard “substantial and serious pollution” leaked toxic liquid water at the firm’s base, Ty-To Maen Farm on the Gwent Levels.

The area falls within a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its fauna and flora and was monitored by the Countryside Council for Wales.

A year-long investigation by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) found toxic liquids leeched into a reen – a ditch – after neighbours complained of strong odours.

Atlantic Recycling 'serious pollution' still not removed | B1withearth
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Neal pleaded guilty to breaches of environmental rules and also pleaded guilty on behalf of his two businesses (Atlantic Recycling and Neal Soil Suppliers) to depositing waste likely to cause pollution to the environment or harm to human health.

The companies and Neal were ordered to pay £200,000 in fines and costs, while he was also handed a suspended three week prison sentence.

In addition, they were issued with a court order to remove wastes from the site.

But since the conviction, NRW said “the operator has failed to comply with the legal notice or take any significant steps or provide adequate plans to improve operations”.

Atlantic Recycling was fined £130,000 on Tuesday and ordered to pay £50,000 costs.
Neal was fined £30,000, ordered to pay £20,000 costs, and given an 18 week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months.

Jon Goldsworthy, of NRW, said: “Despite our best efforts to work with David John Neal and the companies he operates, he continues to show a lack of respect for the rules we enforce and for the health of the environment.”