Data from Kepler Space Observatory suggests that there are more than two billion planets in our galaxy, alone. Of that number, over 22% have been reported to exhibit Earth-like qualities. The problem is, these are millions or billions of light-years away so it’s impossible to reach them during out lifetime.

With that said, it’s safe to assume that we only have Earth to depend on for live and existence. At present, there’s the issue on climate change. Growing cities are becoming pools of pollutants, except those “sacred few” who used technology to minimize their carbon footprint.

My biggest concern is in the oceans. The oceans hold 96.5 percent of all Earth’s water. It is home to thousands of species of animals and algae, which are sources of nourishment of all humans on Earth.

Currently, there are more than 5 trillion tons of plastic afloat at sea. You can see the extent when you go to a deserted island and find it littered with plastic. Whales that get washed to shore have bellies full of plastics. Turtles cry out with straws stuck in their noses. Migrating birds feed their young garbage because they didn’t know any better.

It is my strongest belief that action is needed today. We can save the oceans using technology, and more importantly, using information. We can all become catalysts of change. We can all contribute to preserve life and ensure that the next generations will still have Earth to call their home.

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